Champions keep playing

Most of the people in Hunza are involved in the farming as a means of subsistence; Ms Fehmida too subscribed herself to the farming as a means to earn decent livelihoods. In recent years the agriculture sector in the whole Gilgit-Baltistan has witnessed great fluctuations in the market in terms of demand. Therefore people started

A simple act of attention

Nur-ul-Ain d/o Abdul Hameed was enrolled at Early Learning Model Center on 23rd February 2017.  At the time of her enrollment she was very sensitive and shy and used to cry most of the time in the class and refused to respond or interact with the teacher as well as class fellows. She used to adamantly

Aim high Rise Higher

“I never thought about joining the gems and jewellery sector until I applied for the scholarship in gems cutting provided by the Rupani Foundation” reflects Mr. Zahoor hailing from Oshkhandas, Gilgit. Mr. Zahoor has served as a master trainer in Rupani Foundation and currently involved in his own entrepreneurial venture. Gems market in Pakistan has

Social skills develop gradually

Alhaad Yakeen S/o Shah Yakeen belongs to Das Japukay, situated in Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan. He was enrolled at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents Gitch on 4th September 2018. He lives in a joint family system, his mother is a house wife and father is a government employee. Initially when he joined AWIP center FSM observed that he

A dream doesn’t become reality

Having been through vicissitudes of life, Nasir came to realize that if one believes in one’s skills then whole universe conspires to support his way. In his childhood, Nasir started to support his 4 sisters and 2 brothers by opening a shop when he was studying at grade 10. Their parents have migrated to Gilgit

Persistence brings success

Mr. Ahral s/o Jamsheed is a resident of Gitch, Punial. He lives with grandparents, uncles and aunt. Jamsheed, Ahral’s father works as a driver whereas Mrs. Jamsheed is a housewife.
Ahral was enrolled at AWIP center Gitch on 2nd April 2018. Since the beginning, FSM Ms. Farhana observed that Ahral has the tendencies of an introvert; though intelligent he used to avoid social circles and class group learning activities. The FSM confided his mother regarding the attitude of her child as a result she assured of her support and agreed to work on his social development.