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A simple act of attention

Nur-ul-Ain d/o Abdul Hameed was enrolled at Early Learning Model Center on 23rd February 2017.  At the time of her enrollment she was very sensitive and shy and used to cry most of the time in the class and refused to respond or interact with the teacher as well as class fellows. She used to adamantly remain in standing position during the entire class exhibiting secluded behavior. Furthermore, she exhibited aversive behavior towards any form of noise; she used to cry on excessive sounds.

Moreover, she developed her motor skills a little late as she could not hold the pencil properly and often used to write around the margin and not on the exact position.

Nur has remarkably improved with the passage of time. Meanwhile, I had been very patient and optimistic regarding her progress. She can pronounce and write three to four letter words easily and confidently. Further she has boosted her self confidence as she complains about other students whenever she has an issue. She has improved her social skills as well such as pair and group tasks, interaction with the teacher and general interaction with peers. I observe her taking permission from other students and using courtesy words for interaction such as “Sorry”, “Thank you “.She takes permission from the teacher before doing any task in the class like asking permission for using materials. During outdoor time she takes part in different activities along with other students.

The activities which I have done to improve her skills were

  • Confidence level is improved by encouraging her in recitation time and classroom discussion time
  • Reading skills have improved by giving her flesh cards to Pronounce the words
  • Writing skills have improved by showing her how to hold pencils and follow the “Sky” “Grass” and “Root “  letters and writing on easel/white board
  • She is often given chance to share her learning in classroom presentation and project presentation time
  • She has been encouraged to take part in outdoor games

Nur has amazingly improved her skills

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