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Formative Years and Mental Health with Humaira Mujeeb

This webinar is for parents and care givers of children between the age range of newborn to one year old.
Following themes would be covered in the webinar.
1. Developing capacity during infancy
2. Importance of an infant’s mental health needs
3. Factors affecting infant mental health
4. Signs of mental health issues in infants
5. Seeking help in case of warning signs.

A special task force

This is a throwback photo of when CEO Rupani Foundation, Mr. Waseem Samad along with other experts from Gems and Mining sectors, met PM Imran Khan. A special task force was constituted to promote opportunities and innovations in Gems and Mining market.
Rupani Foundation holds a seat on the special task force of PM to improve exports, bringing business innovation and creating opportunities in Gemstone and Mining sector.