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Most of the people in Hunza are involved in the farming as a means of subsistence; Ms Fehmida too subscribed herself to the farming as a means to earn decent livelihoods. In recent years the agriculture sector in the whole Gilgit-Baltistan has witnessed great fluctuations in the market in terms of demand. Therefore people started to adopt alternative ways of generating income in addition to agriculture. Gems and jewellery emerged as first among all alternative way of generating income. Unsure about the taking step out of the agriculture sector, Ms Fehmida was indecisive until she was enrolled in RF gems and jewellery training.

There is no certainty in life, which makes certain lots of possibilities to occur. That happened with Ms Fehmida when she heard about the RF training about jewellery making in Hunza. “I never thought about jewellery making as viable career, especially for women” she explained; she enrolled in four months intensive training in jewellery making in 2013. The training not only provided her with the necessary skills but also enhanced the self-confidence to undertake decisions in life. Master trainers at the training have great influence on her “they encouraged us to learn and earn maximum benefit from the training” she explained. The friendly environment at the training makes the trainee connect with the people who are involved in the gems sector. That is the reason why Ms Fehmida is currently working with a gems enterprise in Altit Hunza along with the colleagues trained under the RF.

Ms Fehmida explains that she has contributed to her family through jewellery making. Family economic base has expanded which otherwise relied only on agriculture. There are lots of opportunities, she opines “It is a matter of right choice at the most opportune time”. Her ambition is to start her own business and contribute to producing skilfull women entrepreneurs across Gilgit-Baltistan.

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