Agah Walidain (Informed Parents)

This is an informed parenting Program for families of children from prenatal to 3 years. This home-based customized program aims to engage families with infants and toddlers to begin their child's development through talking, playing, reading, nurturing and use of non-violent discipline techniques. This program empowers parents in building positive parenting skills and becoming their children’s best teachers. The staff and volunteers assist parents to meet the parenting challenges by providing current parenting and child development information and support.

This programme monitors a child holistically by exploring his/her hidden potentialities and preparing him/her for a balanced life through the involvement of parents and caregivers. Family Support Motivators (FSMs) work with parents and caregivers to promote child development through:

  • home visits to ensure a healthy environment for the child and discuss developmental milestones with the parents.
  • training sessions at the center for parents, caregivers, grandparents and children on different themes for children and caregivers.
  • awareness sessions for the general community in villages to discuss the rationale, importance, and impact of ECD on later life. The team also organizes sessions on the importance of parenting.

Parents can improve many aspects of their lives as they relate to their children. For example, their general knowledge about their child's health and hygiene, and nutrition, as well as their own, can be exponentially improved with an appropriate ECD program. Adults who take part in ECD programs will find an improvement in their attitudes and practices towards health and hygiene, preventative medical practices, nutrition, and diet. This will also enable them to become role models as better parents in their communities. This is a high impact program which has been very well received within the local community. The AW centers have the potential to make a significant long-term impact by training mothers as the first teacher in their own homes.

Over the course of years, more than 4000 children and families have been part of AW-IP model. Current Enrollment ratios of existing AW-IP centers across Pakistan are given below.


Existing AW centers

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

  • Zulfiqarabad, Gilgit (Core funded)
  • Gitch, Ghizer (Core funded)
  • Bubur, Gilgit (Core funded)
  • Danyore, Gilgit (Core funded)

Community-Based AW-IP Replications

  • Raoshan, Gupis 
  • Sultanabad, Yasin 
  • Misgar, Gojal 
  • Chupurson, Gojal 
  • Khanabad, Shinaki 
  • Nomal, Gilgit 
  • Singul, Punyal 
  • Hasis, Punyal 
  • Immit, Ishkoman 
  • Phander, Gupis
  • Darkut, Yasin
  • Chatorkhand, Ishkoman
  • Oshikhandass, Gilgit
  • Aliabad, Hunza
  • Hyderabad, Hunza
  • Gulmit, Gojal
  • Hoper, Nagar I
  • Skurdu, Baltistan

Sindh, Pakistan

  • Aminabad Housing Society, Hyderabad
  • Mubarak Housing Society, Hyderabad
  • Mirpur Sakro, Thatta  
  • Village Mohammadabad, Thatta 
  • Jiwani, Karachi
  • AL-Azhar, Karachi
  • Gulshan-e-Noor, Karachi

Community Bases AW-IP Replications, Karachi

  • Alyabad
  • Al-Noor
  • Karim-Nagar
  • Leadership Academy

Community Bases AW-IP Replications, Punjab

  • Sargoda
  • Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing Society, Rawalpindi