Establishment of Community Based Agah Walidain Centres in Gilgit-Baltistan, 2016-17

In the year 2016, Rupani Foundation executed its plan of establishing 9 Agah Walidain - Informed Parents (AW-IP) centres for various marginalized communities of Gilgit-Baltistan. These centres are replications of core funded AW-IP centres set up initially in Gilgit, Gitch and Danyore in different times during the course of 2007-2016. The replication was first carried out in Buber village in district Ghizer. This successful replication in Buber paved way for the establishment of more centres with AW-IP model of conception to 3 years of age in locations including; Singul, Raoshin, Sultanabad (Thoi), Immit, Hasis, Khanabad, Chipursan, Misgar and Nomal in GB. 
Similarly, in 2017, 9 more communities welcomed RF's intervention of establishing Community Based AW-IP centres, also known as replications, in remote areas of GB including; Phander, Darkut, Chatorkhand, Oshikhandas, Aliabad, Hyderabad, Hoper, Gulmit and Skardu. In this regard, two individuals from each location were provided with technical training on ECD and AW-IP model of RF. These individuals after receiving training from RF are called Family Support Motivators (FSMs). These FSMs, after being trained in a month long training, are responsible for running AW-IP centres and imparting skills taught to them to the mothers, caregivers or attendants of the child during regular sessions and through different awareness sessions. RF during the month of April 2017 selected FSMs, nominated by their respective communities, and conducted one month training for them. This training encompasses not only theoretical component but also focuses on practical sessions equipping them with hands on experience of teaching which they would demonstrate it later in their centres.