Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD)

RF initiated the Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD) program for children aged 3-6 years with an aim to actively engage the parents and other family members in child development. A family is the primary influence on a child’s development and they can help to modulate the impact of the broader social environment on the child.

This programme is indeed a practical implementation of the research-based discoveries that say: “Mother is the first teacher of a child, and home is her first school.” The programme empowers and prepares parents for the development of their child by increasing their knowledge regarding ECD and parenting skills. It works with parents to create a safe and positive parenting environment at home as well as engaging themselves effectively in regular literacy activities with their children. Currently, the total direct beneficiaries of FICD project are 114 in 5 centers Sindh

Existing, FICD Centers

Sindh, Pakistan

  • Aminabad Housing Society, Hyderabad
  • Mubarak Housing Society, Hyderabad
  • Village Sultanabad I
  • Village Sultanabad II
  • Khyber


FICD Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony of Family Involvement in Child Development (FICD) earlier called “Parental Involvement Program (PIP)” was held in September 2012 at Aminabad, Hyderabad, Sindh.

Mr. Nasruddin Rupani Chairman and Founder of Rupani Foundation graced the event as Chief Guest. This colorful event was participated by a large number of community members, notables, directors of the foundation and Jamati leaders. The mothers and children were awarded certificates who successfully graduated from the program. 



While addressing the gathering, Chairman expressed his joy over the success of this program and phenomenal impact on the holistic development of the children attending the program.  He also said that FICD is designed in a way that creates a conducive learning environment not only at the center but also at home where mother acts as a mentor of their child. He also informed that Foundation is looking forward to replicating this model in other rural parts of the country. He applauded the devotion and commitment of board members, staff, and volunteers in making this initiative a success.

Parents also shared their experiences and how this program is casting a vivid impact on the lives of their children and how their children distinguish from the other children who are not availing this program.