Mobile ECD: An Innovation of Rupani Foundation

Rupani Foundation is striving hard to benefit the underserved and underprivileged communities of Pakistan since 2007. It has set up more than 30 Agah Walidain centres in GB, Sindh and Punjab, while more centres are in the pipeline. Apart from the centres, RF initiated another plan of providing ECD services to the families at their doorstep by launching Mobile ECD truck. The Mobile ECD facility is a simple truck equipped with ECD materials, age relevant books and toys, audio and video equipment (LED), air-conditioner, learning corners and displays with selected ECD themes, colorful and comfortable floor seating accompanied by two well-trained Family Support Motivators (FSMs). It is currently targeting five under-served colonies reaching out to around 200 families who do not have access to any early childhood development programme. RF is aiming to extend this facility to as many disadvantaged children as it could in the whole country. This year in 2017, Chairman during his visit inaugurated Mobile ECD Truck in Karachi, which covers areas of Metroville, Gulzar-e-Rahim and Korangi. This initiative has received commendable remarks from the donors and many stakeholders. More than 50 families are currently enrolled and the figure is expected to increase in the coming months. 



During October 2017, the Mobile ECD was brought to Islamabad for a demonstration to its donors and ECD experts, facilitated by CEO RF and CEO ECDNP. Following were the stakeholders whom the demonstration was carried out for:

1. To introduce the Mobile ECD in Islamabad, RF in coordination with FM POWER 99 broadcasted an hour long programme on radio. It was an interactive session in which RF's Academic Coordinator talked about Agah-Walidain and the Mobile ECD service in detail.

2. RF team made an impressive presentation of the Mobile ECD to the Education Programme Officer and other representatives of Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI).

3. Education Advisor Plan International also visited the Mobile ECD Center and highly commended the efforts of RF in promoting ECD in Pakistan through such an innovative way.

4. Representatives of UNICEF, World Food Programme, JICA and SPARC visited the Mobile ECD center and commended the facility and termed it a timely innovation to promote ECD in Pakistan.

5. Shandana Khan, CEO Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) visited the facility and was very impressed with the idea of mobile ECD service as well as the Center-based Agah-Walidain Programme.

6. Joint Educational Advisor, Muhammad Rafique Tahir visited the Mobile ECD Center in the evening. He appreciated the idea and suggested to present it to relevant government departments and donors through prior information and proper planning.

7. Mobile ECD Center was taken to the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) to be shown to the faculty of ECCE and the students. AIOU facilitated the visit very well by inviting students and faculty of ECCE and giving proper media coverage to the whole event.