Skill Development Program

Rupani foundation initiated its activities in the Gilgit-Baltistan province in 2006 under its Skills development Program. The first Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Center (GCPC) was established in Karimabad Hunza in 2006. To date, more than 700 individuals have been trained from these centers. Currently Foundation is running 6 GCPCs in different locations of GB and Chitral areas.

List of existing Gems Cutting and Polishing Centers

·         Gilgit / Danyore

·         Nager

·         Gahkuch

·         Immit

·         Hunza

·         Garam Chashma – Chitral


Early Childhood Development

Rupani Foundation has also initiated number of Early Childhood Development programs in GB and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. Over 100 children have been graduated and currently 300 children are enrolled in different programs along with their mothers. In promoting ECD, Foundation also initiated multiple supportive programs to sensitize the family and community.