Partnership with Plan Pakistan

In 2012, the RF has partnered with Plan Pakistan on Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Project in District Thatta, as an implementing partner. This project is aimed at providing protective, stimulating and conducive environment for holistic development of children of age 3-5 years. Under this project, 34 ECCD centers have been established in 19 villages. These centers are established in areas where enrollment at primary level is depressing and drop out ratio is very high. With an overwhelming response, the majority of children were introduced to toys for the first time and were reported to enjoy coming to ECCD centers. This will help to pave the way to increasing the enrolment at primary level.

In these centers, children of 3-5 years of age are provided with age appropriate learning materials under the supervision of trained care givers and are engaged in different activities aimed at their holistic development. To provide parents and other community consciousness and support, awareness sessions such as importance of ECCD, Gender Equality, Child Rights, Child Protection and Parenting Skills are provided on a regular basis.

Village Education Committees have also been formed in each village to ensure the community participation, develop sense of ownership and monitoring of the ECCD centers. The RF’s mobilization team conducts frequent visits in targeted villages to provide technical support to caregivers for the effective utilization of teaching resources and monitors the performance of centers.