Rupani Foundation was a major sponsor of the MDG Awards Luncheon at the United Nations on September 12, 2008 attended by distinguished Luminaires.

Press Release Key Celebrities, MDG Awards Committee Launch MDG Awards

Friday, September 12, 2008 - At the United Nations Delegates Room No. 6, the launch announcement of the Millennium Development Goals Awards and its twin event the Humanitad Global Impact Forum took place. Designed to recognize global efforts to achieve the MDGs while galvanizing a groundswell of support for their achievement by the public, these platforms represent a milestone as public-private partnership between UN agencies, NGOs and private foundations, civil society and the for profit- sector. 

The annual Awards program has been scheduled as a high profile event for February 26, 2009, at the UNGeneral Assembly Hall in New York City. It will be a cross between the Oscar’s where ‘the whole world takes the stage’ and the Kennedy Center Honors. In recognition of his support for the MDGs and his efforts to rally significant undertakings from all stakeholders to achieve the MDGs, President of the General Assembly Srjan Kerim received a Special Recognition Award from the MDG Awards Committee. The award was presented by UN Goodwill Ambassador, the renowned actor and director Danny Glover andAmbassadors Zina Andrianarivelo- Razafy and Francis Lorenzo. Special Guests MTV-host and hit-producer Sol Guy and award-winning platinum selling hip-hop artist Akon attended the event as key speakers and proponents of the Millennium Development Goals. Both stars announced their participation in the upcoming February event.

Moderated by Amir Dossal, UN Executive Director for Partnerships, the event included teleconferenced messages of support from H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, andNobel Peace Laureates from the Point of Peace meeting in Stavanger, Norway. The messages came fromKjell Magne Bondevik (Former Prime Minister of Norway and Founder of the Oslo Peace Centre), Kim Dae-Jung, (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2000 and Former President of South Korea)Mairead Corrigan Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1977) and Rajendra Pachauri (Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The messages were introduced by Jonathan Glenn- Granoff (President, Global Security Institute) and augured the birth of an annual interactive forum between Nobel Peace Laureates, international luminaries and United Nations Leaders via the ‘Humanitad Global Impact Forum(, to be twinned with the MDG Awards and launched in 2009.

Following the special screening, Ambassador Francis Lorenzo stated, “The message from the Point of Peace Laureates was loud and clear. It is not just a call for action but a call for the reorientation of our very understanding of the word action". Ambassadors Zina Andrianarivelo-Razafy observed “the message is on point. If we are to achieve the goals we must move beyond the conference table to the work table. We applaud the messages of today’s speakers and luminaries for reaching out in the true spirit of partnership and welcome their inclusion in the Global Impact Forum as it seeks to galvanize the planetary dialogue around the MDGs”.

Mr. Danny Glover paralleled the proceeding's commentaries with the message of Dr. Martin Luther Kingduring which he highlighted “The MDGs are the dream of the UN and all people must march in unison to achieve that dream”. Passionate comments from both Akon and Sol Guy acted as a rallying call for all people to unite behind these common goals in these challenging times.

The MDG Awards event included the preview of two ground-breaking internet based collaboration platforms under construction:

a). The Millennium Alliance Portal (Rupani Foundation) where NGOs, corporations and governments can share data and undertake projects in a secure environment that will match MDG related opportunities with resources - taking into account not only corporate social responsibility but also providing a common platform for different constituencies to work together to provide holistic development for the benefit of all stakeholders.

b). The MDG-Network (Humanitad Foundation) establishing as a global democratic highway and social and organizational networking portal where people and organizations from across the globe can elaborate, coordinate and communicate efforts for rapid positive change.

The audience of almost 200 guests also included Georg Kell, Chief Executive of Global Compact, senior representatives of the UN Public Private Alliance for Rural Development, CARE USA and CARE International, HBO, BidGive International, HSBC and Disney, and executives of the UN Public- Private Alliance for Rural Development, Carnegie Foundation, Rupani Foundation, World of Hope, and Brazil Federations Foundation. UN agencies were represented by UNDP, UNICEF and ECOSOC. UN Missions fromAustralia, Japan, Canada, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde and Ghana were also present.

The event was underwritten by the Rupani Foundation and HSBC. Mr. Nasruddin Rupani, Chairman of the Rupani Foundation, drew the audience’s attention to the Millennium Alliance Portal (“MAP”) as a tool for collaboration that matched resources with opportunities. “MAP will be a nexus that will help the corporate community to say, “YES!” instead of “No!” It will provide a means for organizations, individuals and companies to collaborate on a global scale. MAP is just one of the tools the MDG Awards Committee and the Rupani Foundation have helped develop to bring the MDGs to the global marketplace. It is a tool for all of us, and I look forward to sharing it with you.”

In closing the event, the MDG Awards Committee Executive Director, Michael Jacobson singled out for recognition the efforts of the MDG Awards & Global Impact Forum executive producer: Humanitad and it’s alliance partner, the Global Youth Action Network, as “exemplars of pro-active engagement in positively changing the status quo - by moving beyond the organizational comfort-zone and daring to dream the greater dream”.


Michael Jacobson, Sacha Stone, Akon, Nasruddin Rupani, Amb. Zina A-Razafy, William Ho, Danny Glover, President of the General Assembly Srjan Kerim, Sol Guy & Amb Francis Lorenzo