Umeed (Hope)

Umeed (Hope) is a grass-roots level Montessori based ECD programme for the age group of 3-6 years. Given the critical period of the early years, Umeed aims to provide the children with a stimulating environment that is conducive to their holistic development and enabling them to reach their full potential to excel in practical life.



Umeed provides age-appropriate facilities with a nurturing environment where they can learn through concrete experiences and reach to their utmost potential. Foundation also highly encourages active parental involvement in classroom settings.

RF has targeted16 rural based Community-Based Schools (CBS) in Sindh. Its pilot program was successfully implemented at the Khyber Community Based School where it caters to over 100 students each year. Significant measures were taken to involve members of the local community to volunteer and participate. The project is targeting marginalized families to allow potentially brilliant minds to develop and access quality education, as well as establish programs that are sustainable through community ownership and participation. Children through this program will have a higher chance of entering primary school, with higher performance rates and a lesser chance of having to repeat grades or drop-out from school. Currently, 5 Umeed centers are catering services in Sindh and around 932 families and children are enrolled in the program.

Project Umeed envisaged to evolve its targeted constituency over time to cover all the grades in each CBS school so that a child that enters the school into its program gets to continuously benefit and grow until graduation.

Umeed Centers

  • Tando Muhammad  Khan                   
  • Khyber Matiari
  • Tando Bhago
  • Alyabad
  • Shah Ali