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Topic Sub Topic
Week 1 Fundamentals of Child Development ·       Ice breaking activity and classroom Norms

·       Pretest

·       Introduction and Importance of Early Childhood  Development

·       The process of brain development from birth to eight years of age

·       Prenatal Development

Week 2 ·       The notion of holistic development

·       Development milestones in early years

Week 3 ECD–Perspectives, Practices and Programmes ·       Stakeholders in ECD

·       ECD situation analysis in Pakistan

·       Sustainable development goals in global ECD scenarios

·       ECD global trends, policy environment and types of initiatives

·       WHO Nurturing Framework

Week 4 ECED Policy and curriculums ·       Education Policy 2020

·       ECED National Curriculum

Week 5 Lesson planning and Assessment ·       Bloom’s taxonomy

·       Daily Routine/large circle time

·       Lesson planning

·       Assessment

Week 6 Teaching Approaches ·       High Scope teaching Approach

·       Montessori Teaching Approach

·       Teaching and learning material development

·       Practical /Demo on High Scope and Montessori Approaches

Week 7 Children’s Families, Societies and Culture ·       The role of parents and families in ECD

·       Exploring state and various contexts of children in Pakistan

·       Child rights in a national and international context

Week 8 Play and Learning Environment in ECD ·       The importance of play

·       Teaching and learning materials development by using low cost no cost material

·       Low-cost learning materials (Art and craft work)

·       How to develop learning corners and classroom displays

·       Managing learning environments in formal classrooms through Demo lesson

Week 9 Introduction of Holistic Development

Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Years

·       Introduction of Holistic Development and discuss on major Domains

·       The importance of physical and cognitive development in early years

·       Fine and gross motor

·       Practical Activities on physical and cognitive development

Week 10 Language, Science and Mathematics in Early Years ·       Natural sciences

·       Language development

·       Mathematics

·       Integrating various subject areas in ECD

·       Practice on storytelling, rhymes and music and movement

Week 11 Social, Emotional & Moral Development in Early Years ·       Important concepts- Social, emotional and moral development in early years.

·       Social, emotional and moral education.

·       Practice on Social and Emotional Development activities

·       Introduce brain games

·       Teaching practice (Week 1)

Week 12 ·       Teaching practice (week 2)

·       Reflections

·       Post-test

·       Closing ceremony

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