Trainings in Gemstone cutting, polishing and jewelry making have remained RF’s key interventions in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral since the organization came into existence in 2007. The Rupani family, a U.S.-based family of Pakistani origin, provided technical and financial support to initiate gems cutting and polishing programs in the region in collaboration with AKRSP. The initiative later won the support of donor agencies including, Competitive Support Fund (CSF), European Commission (EC), GIZ and USAID.

Initially, RF worked with AKRSP to establish seven gems cutting and polishing centers in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. Afterwards, three more centers were added with support from CSF and USAID. In the course of time, four centers were handed over to local communities after completing the initial phase of training. Currently, five gems centers are functioning in Gilgit-Baltistan and one in Chitral. These centers have gradually become training hubs and have produced a cadre of 730 trained men and women through funding from the following sources:

• The Rupani family support
• GIZ-supported Capacity-building in Gems Cutting and Polishing Project
• USAID Small Grants Project for Technology Transfer and Skill Development
• EC-funded Jewel of Pakistan Project

Pakistan’s gems and jewelry sector is under a strategic revolution through Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special task force for gems and jewelry. Being one of the countries, rich in the wealth of precious stones and minerals, Pakistan holds a huge opportunity for growth in trade through the export of gemstones and jewelry to the international market.
This task force is working for a huge revolution in the sector through growth in the export of gemstones at the country’s target of $ 5 billion in the export of gems and jewelry against its exports of $40 billion by our neighboring country.
This task force is working for a huge revolution in the sector through growth in the export of gemstone. Although the industry has problems of verification laboratories and high-end relevant technology, but with proper implementation of the Prime Minister’s vision will bring in revenue generation.
Some exiting projects, such as the development of Gem and Jewelry City through the private sector under mid and long-term policies as envisioned by the Prime Minister are underway. After integration of its scattered units with various ministries and departments, the Prime Minister will lead the Force in line with the Special Task Force on the progress.