Opening Ceremony of ECD ToT at KIU

Rupani Foundation and Karakoram International University are going to start ECD certificate and Diploma courses at KIU, in this regard Training of Trainers has been started at the Department of Educational Development, KIU. A joint Collaboration of Rupani Foundation and Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan to promote accredited ECD training in Gilgit-Baltistan

Training of Trainers for Early Childhood Development Diploma and Certificate course

The opening ceremony of ‘Training of Trainers for Early Childhood Development Diploma and Certificate course’ was held at the Department of Educational Development, Karakoram International University. This two-week training is a collaborative effort of Rupani Foundation and the Karakoram International University to promote accredited professional training in early childhood development in Gilgit-Baltistan This event is part of a string of

International Conference on Challenges of Education

Rupani Foundation in collaboration with the University of Haripur, Higher Education Commission and other development partners arranged first International Conference on Challenges of Education in Pakistan. Rupani Foundation is committed to work with all stakeholders specifically the government of Pakistan and academia for early childhood education. RF is planning to start diploma and certificate courses

Staff meeting to discuss Quarterly Progress

RF South team had a fruitful day while discussing on Quarterly Progress of Agah Walidain-Informed Parents (Core & Community based) Program and Preparatory classes along with Performance Monitoring Plan, Progress Tracking of Enrolled children, Information flow mechanism, different issues and ideas for further enrollment and bring improvement in program management.

Sports Week

Healthy body nurtures Healthy Mind. A mother’s physical and mental wellbeing is highly important as she juggles with varied responsibilities in her life, and the most important being child rearing. To grow a healthy and strong child she needs to be in her full health. Rupani Foundation realizes this aspect and encourages mothers to stay

Welcoming Novroz (New Year)

Novroz means New Day. It is a day of jubilation and celebration to welcome spring. Novroz is commemorated across the globe especially in Iran, middle eastern countries and Pakistan. Rupani Foundation also celebrated Novroz with Students and mothers at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents center. Children take swings of joy, dressed up to their best, ate eggs