Earth Day week at ELM

Years of reckless usage of natural resources by Humans have caused irreversible damage to the Earth. Human footprint has brought innumerable species to extinction and damaged biodiversity. We are witnessing Climate change that is creating havoc across the globe, challenging food security, our habitats with intermittent flash floods, glacier outbreaks, excessive rains, cyclones, tsunamis and what

Closing Ceremony of ToT on ECD Diploma & Certificate Course

The concluding ceremony of the Training of Trainers on Early Childhood Development in Diploma & Certificate course was held at Karakoram International University. The event was attended by VC KIU Eng. Prof Dr. Atta Ullah Shah, CEO RF Mr. Waseem Samad, Vice Chairperson Mr. Ghulam Tahir, Dean Department of Educational Development Dr. Muhammad Ramazan and

Closing Ceremony of Month-Long FSM Training

Capacity Building Training for Family Support Motivators has concluded successfully. This month-long training aimed to inculcate Early Childhood Development pedagogies, models, approaches, theories, and practices. Rupani Foundation strives to provide a quality ECD education and in order to maintain its standard of quality services, Capacity Building training and refresher courses are organized and conducted from

ToT in ECD Certificate & Diploma Course

The two-weeks Course is currently running at Karakoram International University in partnership with Rupani Foundation. A negligible number of organizations in Pakistan are currently offering ECD accredited certificate and Diploma courses and this initiative will transform the landscape of ECD education for the better. In the past few days, the participants have learned and deliberated on a

Opening Ceremony of ECD ToT at KIU

Rupani Foundation and Karakoram International University are going to start ECD certificate and Diploma courses at KIU, in this regard Training of Trainers has been started at the Department of Educational Development, KIU. A joint Collaboration of Rupani Foundation and Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan to promote accredited ECD training in Gilgit-Baltistan

Training of Trainers for Early Childhood Development Diploma and Certificate course

The opening ceremony of ‘Training of Trainers for Early Childhood Development Diploma and Certificate course’ was held at the Department of Educational Development, Karakoram International University. This two-week training is a collaborative effort of Rupani Foundation and the Karakoram International University to promote accredited professional training in early childhood development in Gilgit-Baltistan This event is part of a string of