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Persistence brings success

Mr. Ahral s/o Jamsheed is a resident of Gitch, Punial. He lives with grandparents, uncles and aunt. Jamsheed, Ahral’s father works as a driver whereas Mrs. Jamsheed is a housewife.
Ahral was enrolled at AWIP center Gitch on 2nd April 2018. Since the beginning, FSM Ms. Farhana observed that Ahral has the tendencies of an introvert; though intelligent he used to avoid social circles and class group learning activities. The FSM confided his mother regarding the attitude of her child as a result she assured of her support and agreed to work on his social development.
To counter he impediment, FSM started to administer special attention to the student and encouraged his participation in all the class activities. She engaged him in daily activities such as poem time, art time and dance time and appreciated him in front of the class.
Meanwhile, FSM also motivated his mother to give her undivided attention to her son at home and avoid usage of disheartening or harsh language. She also asked mother to involve him in different activities that will boost his inner abilities. FSM shared key messages to his mother that child absorb everything from parents, happy parents are likely to have happy kids, while children of depressed parents suffer twice the average rate of depression. Advice and guidance on child development helped Ahral to improve his overall behavior and with the passage of time he started interacting with his other class fellows.
Resultantly, after one month’s period a positive change was observed in Ahral. Now he independently participates in all activities and actively attends regular sessions. In regular sessions he greets every one, and performs all activities passionately. As his mother recounts; all family member are inspired by his positive attitudinal change.

Written by: Farhana FSM AWIP Gitch