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Skills Development

Skills Development

Gem Sector Development

Skills Development

Skills Development

Skill development in mountain and rural areas in program countries is at the core of series of initiatives by Rupani Foundation. This skills development program will be inevitable for the prosperity of program areas. Under this initiative Foundations targets;

Enterprise Development

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the next step for mountain communities who have developed their educational and vocational skills. Rupani Foundation's Program of Gem Cutting and Polishing and Program of Education provide an excellent base that residents can build upon.

Family Involvement in Child Development (FICD)

RF initiated the Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD) programfor children ages 3-6 yearswith an aim to actively engage the parents and other family members in child development. The Family is the primary influence of a child’s development and families can help to modulate the impact of the broader social environment on the child.

Umeed (Hope)

Umeed (Hope) is a grass-root level Montessori based ECD programme for the age group of 3-6 years. Given the critical period of the early years, Umeed aims to provide the children stimulating environment that is conducive to their holistic development and enabling them to reach their full potential to excel in practical life.


Agah Walidain (Informed Parents)

This is an informed parenting Program for families of children from prenatal to 3 years. This home-based customized program aims to engage families with infants and toddlers to begin their child's development through talking, playing, reading, nurturing and use of non-violent discipline techniques. This program empowers parents in building positive parenting skills and becoming their children’s best teachers.