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Social skills develop gradually

Alhaad Yakeen S/o Shah Yakeen belongs to Das Japukay, situated in Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan. He was enrolled at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents Gitch on 4th September 2018. He lives in a joint family system, his mother is a house wife and father is a government employee.

Initially when he joined AWIP center FSM observed that he is an intelligent student and socializes with ease with his peers. But there was just one issue, whenever Alhaad used to enter his classroom he started to cry. He called out his family members names and demanded to be sent back to his home. He used to behave stubbornly and refused to play with toys or read books. As his mother accompanied him to class, he adamantly stayed in her lap. To counter this impediment, FSMs pondered on and devised a strategy. According to the plan FSM started to gave special attention and time to discover his interests. Afterwards, gradually they engaged Alhaad in class activities, encouraged him whenever he attempted to do something new. His class also clapped for him on his participation. FSMs also guided his mother on how to encourage her child to participate in family events and celebrations.

However, after one month he has gradually improved social skills as now he performs well and actively participated in the regular session and sits calmly in the absence of his mother and takes interest in others activities as well. His Mother shares ‘now Alhaad reminds me of school timing and happily gets ready to reach the centre’. His parents are very glad to see their child learning well. When he comes, in regular sessions he shakes hands with teachers, children and mothers. Now he is performing exceptionally and independently participates in all activities.

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