Rupani Foundation

For over a decade Rupani Foundation has been enacting an instrumental role in transforming lives across Pakistan through its endeavors in Skill Development Initiatives, Early Childhood Development, Natural Resource Management and Investment in Social Impacts. With the aim to end poverty and promote self-reliance and resilience, RF has so far coordinated and implemented need based cost-effective programs to ensure uplift of the vulnerable communities living in diverse topographies, harsh climatic condition, fringes of cosmopolitan cities, rural areas and mountainous landscapes. The values central to all the endeavours of RF are inclusiveness, cohesiveness, integrity and commitment. Utilizing in-depth knowledge regarding the indigenous strengths and resources of rural and vulnerable communities, Rupani Foundation introduced evidence-based, culturally and geographically relevant interventions across Pakistan.

RF has been working steadfastly in shaping the developmental landscape of Pakistan irrespective of creed, race, religion, gender and ethnic differences. In pursuit of its vision, RF has transformed and impacted the lives of innumerable people belonging to diverse backgrounds. Moreover, it has enriched capacities and capabilities of youth having little or no education, and enabled them to earn a decent living through skill development trainings in masonry and gems cutting and polishing. Graduates from these training centres have evolved into successful entrepreneurs with the ability to not only change their own destinies but also to transform the lives of people around them.
Building on the success of skill development initiative, Rupani Foundation introduced ECCE programs in Pakistan with the objective to reach out to communities living in diverse topographies, having no access to education or means to acquire. The values central to this program are inclusivity, quality education and promotion of lifelong learning. RF has integrated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all the interventions it pursues. SDG’s Goal 4: Quality Education is the major focus in ECD program. To promote and mainstream Early Childhood Development, RF has established a network of ECD centres across Pakistan that impart education to children from the preconception stage to 8 years of age. This model specifically targets five domains of holistic development; cognition, approaches toward learning, physical well-being and motor development, and social and emotional development.
Fulfilling its commitment towards education, Rupani Foundation established Early Childhood Development centres across Pakistan to better equip children with contemporary educational and learning practices to ensure optimal growth. Moreover, Rupani Foundation has developed collaborations with Government departments, and national and International stakeholders to strengthen the process to promote Early Childhood Care & Education.
In order to promote the spirit of self-reliance and resilience, and advancement of human dignity, RF provides development assistance. It believes in evidence based approach. At its core, RF works to promote inclusion and cohesiveness, with the aim to work as a catalyst for bringing developmental change in Pakistan. Due to evidence based approach of RF, its endeavours entrenched their roots deep in the vulnerable communities and bring about change in socio-economic activities. RF takes into consideration local sensitivities into cognizance and works to promote inclusion and cohesiveness, with the aim to work as a catalyst for bringing developmental change in Pakistan.

Core Office

We have Core Office in Gilgit and field offices in Hyderabad Pakistan.