Rupani Foundation with the mission to empower the vulnerable communities of Pakistan, intervened through multifaceted initiatives to enhance the quality of life by creating strong relationships with the communities and partnership with other development organisations. RF believes in the participatory approach wherein community as stakeholders derives strength from expertise of organization and in turn act as change makers in their society.

Through years of experience in the development sector, RF has learned that multi-sectoral input is required to enhance the standard of life of people living at the margins of socio-economic development. RF has established community based ECD centres across Pakistan. ECD is key to life long journey and it starts the day when a couple gets married. It is very critical to make the mother cognizant of the potential of the child in the mother’s womb before conceiving the child. The mother has a very important part in the holistic development of a child as the primary role model.

I believe that skillful Pakistan is essential to unlock the hidden potential of the people, especially youth. Investing in skill development is pertinent as it streamline the resources to be used in the betterment of the country. Nature has endowed the country with the natural resources, it is important to sensitize communities to manage the natural resources through utilizing the technology to gain maximum benefits by adding value to it.  I think change in society did not occur in isolation, rather it is embedded in the vicissitudes of the global economy, therefore, it is important to make social impact investments to equip people with capacity and carve out space to unleash their potential.

I affirm that the philosophy of Rupani Foundation is to ameliorate the society through ECD that it zealously promotes in many areas without discrimination of race, color, or religion. No one can deny that all children equally deserve access to opportunities. This can happen when communities, private organizations, government, and NGOs form synergies to gear their efforts towards this noble cause.

Let us be committed to work together for the betterment of the children and families of Pakistan and beyond.

Mr. Nasruddin Rupani

Chairman and Founder

Rupani Foundation