GoGB Investment Conference 2022 Dubai Expo

The Government of Gilgit Baltistan in collaboration with partners, is organizing an investment conference at Dubai Expo, Pakistan pavilion themed ‘Unveiling opportunities of Gilgit Baltistan’. Our exciting #GoGB Dubai International Expo Edition will showcase Gilgit Baltistans’ untapped investment potential for global investors in the fields of Tourism, Renewable energy, Agribusinesses, Mining & Minerals, Trade & Commerce, and Tech-based ventures. For our global participants, we will be organizing a vibrant cultural show exhibiting Gilgit-Baltistan’s unique and diverse cultural richness. Register now!

GB Invest Conference, Gilgit

GB Invest conference is going to happen on March 21st, 2022, With hopes of fulfilling the grand vision of the conference and meeting your expectations with excellence. Meanwhile, the GB invest secretariat has planned 7 Roadshow webinars for virtual engagement, filled with networking opportunities for investors, businesses, and insights for our global audiences. Keep posted as we continue to dedicate our services to you and for improving impact investment readiness in GB, the land of opportunities!