GBee Techive

GBTechive is a world-class, purpose-driven consultancy firm focused on driving consumer adoption towards digital strategies and solutions, with core specializations in Digital Marketing Strategies, Tele-Health, Bookkeeping, and Health Transcriptions. As a company established in the era of the digital world, GBTechive aims to throttle innovation and build thriving relationships with our many technology partners and consumers. Our objective: to fuel innovation, first and foremost, dedicating ourselves to unleashing the full potential of our customer base worldwide; committing to providing the youth of Gilgit Baltistan with employment opportunities in the field of IT through our platform, allowing them to grow their skill base with on-field experience. With our experience and consultative approach, we strive to steer IT administrators, managers, and executive back to their core functions – managing and delivering impactful services to their internal customers.