The people of Gilgit-Baltistan rely heavily on stonemasons to build their houses. Depending on affordability and construction costs, the people in the area use concrete blocks, rubble stone and ashlars masonry to build their homes. Surveys have informed that owing to bad construction techniques and the use of inadequate materials, for example, low quality concrete blocks, many buildings in Gilgit-Baltistan cannot endure harsh weather conditions and earthquakes in a region located in the seismic zone. This may be the reason that the demand for stone masonry in Gilgit-Baltistan is growing with each passing day. RF’s training program in stone masonry is an attempt to cater to the market demand. The project supported by GIZ is targeting to train 1,500 individuals in stone masonry through 15 field-based training centers. For the first time in the region’s history, the program has trained local women in a skill that has always been considered as men’s job. This program is not included in the current study because it is a short-term project ending in June 2015.