Rupani Academy

Rupani Academy is based on an idea to abridge the hiatuses in the conventional ecosystem of education. We believe that access to quality education is crucial to unleash the real potential of mountain communities. Our years of experience and success in the education field persuaded us to introduce a curriculum and education systems as per the need and requirement of the progressing and developing world. After pioneering in Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Pakistan, we now aim to bring International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in Gilgit-Baltistan for the first time. This program will play a pivotal role in nurturing the students as global contributing citizens.

Inspired by the resilience and values of the mountain communities, we aim to create an educational system that promotes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, leadership, inclusion, and democratic values.

Following our traditions of going extra-miles in providing marginalized communities with quality education, skill development, and learning resources through Rupani Foundation, we have spent years of planning for a world-class educational institution that would bring excellence and brilliance to children living in the mountainous valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. The curriculum, campus, teaching and learning programs, sports, critical thinking, and social development practices at Rupani Academy are realizations of the same dream of bringing excellence and brilliance to the communities.