Social impact investments

The communities in the socio-economic margins of Pakistan are facing multiple issues and to address them needs multi sectoral support from development organization and local institutions. RF is planning to intervene through multiple social impact investments to streamline the local resources to long term sustainability. The interventions will help in strengthening the communities to optimally use the local resources to create a sustainable revenue stream to provide economic support in the long term.

Activities across the global markets are becoming more and more virtual nowadays and the information technology has shrinked the spatial distances, making the world as one global village. In this scenario, creating jobs and opportunities for the youth in Pakistan is a big challenge as we still lag behind in terms of incorporating and adapting the technology needed to become part of the global market. Considering the potential of youth and global opportunities, RF has established tech based initiatives to increase employability on the one hand and connect it with the global market on the other. The tech centres provide services through digital medium adding to the revenue stream of the country. The centres provide the necessary platform to youth to get connected with the digital spaces across the world and partake from this emerging industry.

RF is also planning to promote green energy initiatives across Pakistan. As the country is facing crises in power generation and the international community is moving towards green energy, RF is planning to invest in this sector to provide green energy across the communities. Energy cross cuts across all the sectors, it serves as an enabler to perform the activities and to turn the wheels of industry. Considering the climate change, RF envisions green energy as a cure to natural degradations and will align Pakistan with the international communities working on clean and green energy.

Pakistan has great potential in the gems sector, due to less investment in this sector its presence in exports is minimal. RF intends to support lead enterprises in gems and mining to create opportunities for people and widen the scope to uplift this sector to contribute to the national exchequer. In connection with this sector, tourism promotion is also important in engaging communities to mobilise the local resources to reap maximum benefits. RF supports community based tourism to promote the collective welfare of people dwelling in farflung regions of Pakistan.