Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin, Sindh Pakistan

It is a beautiful bright morning of spring in Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin, Sindh Pakistan. Bhagwati woke up to the sweet sound of her mother singing as she was making breakfast. Bhagwanti’s face got lit up as she could tell from the aroma that her mother was making her favourite bajray ki roti today. With a wide smile on her face, she got ready for school. The day had finally come to which Bhagwanti had been looking forward to for a long time. Today was the inauguration of the newly established classroom by the Rupani Foundation. Bhagwati was all dressed in her best clothes and her mother’s lipstick. On her way to the school, she met her friends who were also very excited about their day at the new class. The moment they entered their classroom, they were left bewildered. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Unlike other classes, their classroom was well carpeted, had colourful charts displayed, a brand new audio system was installed, and a lot of fascinating books were added in the reading corner. She thoroughly enjoyed her day and is excited about the coming days to learn in the new classroom as well.