Vision Mission

Our Vision

Making a Sustainable Society For Future Generations

Our Mission

To promote the holistic development of children (0-8 years) by providing essential ECD services at household and community level and to create lasting solutions to poverty by creating skills development and value addition in local production with the partnership of local, national and international agencies.


Rupani Foundation will strictly upholds the following core principles in governing all aspects of the organization, including the development, implementation, and evaluation of all projects, programs, and initiatives. The Foundation will consciously partner with organizations that pledge to these values and apply them in their governance and management as well. The core values of RF are:
1- Diversity
2- Pluralism
3- Innovation
4- Transformation


The Foundation’s primary approach revolves around the development of local human resources in terms of entrepreneurial, managerial, technical, marketing, and financial skills. It provides seed capital to carry out research, conduct pilots and initiate projects in value-added sectors. The Foundation also functions as a catalyst for the holistic development of an economic and social infrastructure to establish vibrant mountain communities.